blogs & Other Sites about art

Art in Odd Places Blog    Presenting visual & performance art in unexpected public spaces.

Breaking My Spell     Blog for the project Breaking My Spell by Michelle Morby, performed in Reykjavík, Iceland, summer 2011.

Contemporary Art Daily     A Daily Journal of International Exhibitions.

Daily Serving     An International Publication for Contemporary Art.

Gallery Tally     A Call for Gender Equity in the Arts.

Painters' Painters     A resource site about painting, its historical lineage and issues around the expanded field of contemporary painting. Featuring videos, images, reposts and original content, Painters’ Painters looks to create a space of engagement and dialogue around the practice of Painting.

Studio 5,4 (Studio Five Comma Four)     An annual salon event featuring work by selected artists, hosted by artists, usually within an artist's studio. This unique event brings people together from the arts community, primarily from the Bay Area, to engage in lively discourse in an artistic setting.

Young Americans     On-line catalog of the 2009 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition at Mills College.