curatorial statement for escape

Covarrubias’s work is contemplative—an accumulation of emotions, observations, and thoughts that combine into a sculptural installation. These monuments of tracing paper fill the space with an indefinable new presence. As a temporary fixture of the Oakland International Airport’s interior, the hand-crumpled body of paper, titled Escape, invites the viewers to visually and mentally engage. There is no definitive statement for the viewer to take away. Covarrubias controls everything up until the artwork is in the display case, but he does not intend to control what people may experience. Everyone will bring his or her own interpretations and questions, but if anything, he does hope that his work may prompt people toward a genuine emotional or intellectual moment of personal reflection.


Anthony Pinata, Guest Curator, Oakland Museum of California

 February 2013

Escape, 2013.  Oakland Museum of California @ the Oakland International Airport.  Included in "Paper Work" exhibition.
Escape, 2013.

Escape Project Information


Escape.  A site-specific installation.

Tracing paper (structured within a museum display case.)

93 x 177 x 25 inches.

Created for the exhibition Paper Work: When Paper Becomes Art

Organized by the Oakland Museum of California at the Oakland International Airport. Curated by Anthony Pinata.

Located in Terminal 2, between gates 25 & 26.

Exhibition dates:  February 2 to April 28, 2013 (extended through June 7, 2013).