Corner Piece 1 was exhibited along with a selection of Home Body drawings and salt sculptures in a 2-person show at 555 12th Street, near Oakland City Center, through the Oakland Museum of California.

Gallery 555, Excerpt from Curatorial Statement

Covarrubias investigates our physical and psychological connection to our environments. The very basic material of paper is transformed into an experience of space, light, and sound. While this installation responds to the architecture of the site, it also creates space for and about internal reflection – a contemplative sanctuary made specifically for a very public area. In this way, the physical presence or absence of the audience is as important to the piece as the sculptural elements.

-Carin Adams, Associate Curator

August 2009

Organized by the Professional Services Division of the Oakland Museum of California

Full curatorial statement here.

Corner Piece 1 Project Information


Corner Piece 1.  A site-specific installation.

Paper, monofilament, mixed media.

24 x 9 x 9 feet.

Organized by the Oakland Museum of California

Gallery 555

555 12th Street, Oakland, CA.

Exhibition dates:   August 20 to November 13, 2009.

Corner Piece 1, August 2009.  555 12th Street, Oakland, CA.